Battling Winter Skin Problems The Ayurveda Way

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Winter is here. 
With the Christmas decoration and house cleaning, there probably so much at your plate that you no time for yourself. Amidst all this, getting sick of fever and common cold is something which most of us are going to experience and obviously we are prepared for it now. But how many of us are prepared for all that is going to come to our skin?
Well, isn't it clear by now that the winters can be particularly harsh on our skin, especially for the ones who live in dry and chilly areas of the world with zero moisture in atmosphere during the winter times. 
So what to do? You always have the option of raiding your nearest drug store for all those lotions and potions, all the serums and vitamin tablets, but do you really need one for everything that may come to your skin? Just how feasible and healthy it is for you? 
Shankara skin experts are here for you! Read along to find common skin problems during winters, their cure in Ayurveda and how Shankara helps you in dealing with it! 
Dry Skin
Well, we'll start with the most common of it. Not majority of us are lucky to have inbuilt oil resources in our body to keep our skin from turning dry. Eventually the dryness starts showing and god forbid we step out of the house with dry lines made on our hands and legs. Simply a big NO!
Dryness can happen because of a variety of reasons- the natural skin type, the dosh in body, nature of the skin, food intake and water intake. Dry skin has less production of sebum, because of which the skin feels parched. 
To combat this in a natural and organic way, there are a variety of things you can do. Chamomile and calendula oils are rich oils goo for dry skins. Make a paste of these flowers and apply them before sleep. 
Shankara Suggests: Use Shankara Rich Repair Treatment Body Oil to naturally lubricate your skin and avoiding rough patches.
Dehydrated Skin
Those of you who thought dry and dehydrated skins are same, big news they aren't. Dry skins is a skin type as a result of lack os sebum in the skin while dehydration happens asa lack of proper water intake. Dehydrated skin, like dry skin necessarily doesn't always feel flaky and patchy, I can be oily too depending form person to person. Not only you need to do you need to increase your water intake and keep your skin hydrated, but also get rid of everything that is harsh on your skin like perfumes, soaps, moisturisers or makeup.
Ayurveda says that lack of kappa, which happens due to increase in vatta dosh dryness happens. Ayurveda has no steadfast remedy for dehydrated skin, but suggests to avoid using hot water for bath and any chemical or alcohol based product.
Shankara Suggests: Use Shankara Rich Repair Collection Hydration Face Mask for your dehydrated skin to feel fresh and smooth. 
Chapped Lips
Winters for some people aren't complete with peeling dry lips. Majority of us face this problem because of again, either dehydration or skin problems or dosh. 
Ayurveda helps us here by providing many remedies for the same. The juice of neem leaves (Melia Azadirachta) should be applied.
Shankara Suggests: Chose the Shankara Elite Skin Collection to perfectly blend your needs and our authentic organic items for a perfect skin this winter!
Dry Scalp
Dandruff and a dry scalp are two another dreaded situations in winter for men and women alike. No body likes dandruff flake clad sweaters and coat, let aside an itchy scalp. Ayurveda suggests that routinely oiling your hair is sufficient to fight dandruff and dry scalp. 
Shankara Suggest: The Daily Repair Serum in Rose can be the best!
Oily Skin
For some people, sebum reserves are simply more than all the oil reserves with the Middle East! Yes. For some people, winters are all about oily skin and batting it. This usually happens[ens due to over production of sebum by the associated gland. To treat this, make sure all your oily moisturisers are out and something balancing is in.
Ayurveda suggests using Neem toner or Neem and tea tree essential oils to control and cleans the oil off your skin.
Shankara Suggests: Go for our deep cleanse treatment cleanser for a better and clean skin and Balance Moisturiser from the Balance Collection to naturally hydrate and balance your skin oils.


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