Skin Benefits of Clay

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Clay we all know has been the building blocks for not just a growing civilisation or for a potter's house, it is the building block of our beautiful skin too!
Clay has been in beauty secrets for not just the Indus Valley or the Roman civilisation, but probably all around the world and for its obvious benefits. Besides being easily available, clay as en element of the earth has its own usage and charm which helps in instant skin fixing. One of the oldest forms of skincare, today we dissect the relation between clay and skincare!
You will be surprised to know dear readers that there are as many as 12 (maybe more) types of clay spending on the skin type and its usage. 

So let's get to knowing the best of them according to your skin type!

Moroccan Rhasaul- All Skin Types

Made from natural clay minded from Atlas Mountains in Morocco, this clay dates back to 17th century in terms of usage by the African women to cleanse and scrub their skin of all the damage from sun and dust. 
It is also known by the name of Moroccan red clay or oxide clay and is a result of volcanic eruptions. 
The clay is known to be exceptionally good for hair and skin of all types as it absorbs the dryness, provides the skin with needed mineral and hydration and is also useful in unblocking pores, removing blackheads etc. 

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French Pink Clay- Sensitive Skin

Also known as Kaolin clay (composing of Kaolinite or silicates as constituent particles), it is popularly found in UK, Brazil, Germany and other European regions especially France after which it is given its name. 
It is best suited for sensitive skin as it is not much into unblocking action and nether does it work the undertone mild way. This clay is best for exfoliating and gentle cleansing of the skin. 

Bentonite Clay- Oily Skin

Popularly known as Multani mitten in India, this clay is the perfect fit for oily skin because of its huge absorbent qualities. Applying it weekly once of twice can be helpful to those who drip oil every summer. 

French Green Clay- Dry Skin

Extremely beneficial for dry skin, this clay type is best suited for anti-ageing, anti-blemisihin and tightening the falling drooping skin as an effect of growing old! 

Well, these were a few heads up on the different types of clay available to us for our skin and how to use them. 



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