5 powerfull morning rituals

Do you wake up chasing trying to catch up with your day? Or do you get to spend some quality time with yourself in preparation for the day ahead? A lot of people do not know the power of an early qualitative start to their day. There are various things people do right after they get out of the bed and before heading out for work. But there are certain practices mentioned in Ayurveda, one of the most ancient healing systems, that will not only give you a roaring head start to your day but will keep you energized, focused and productive throughout. It is called Dincharya, an ideal routine, in Ayurveda.

Wake up before sunrise

I may have lost you at this point. But once you know the rewards of waking up that early, you will be inclined to try. Wee hours of the day right before the sunrise called Brahma Muhurta in Sanskrit, is a time when vata dosha is predominant and Sattva guna is high. Sattva is the purest of the three Gunas. When it is working, you feel fresh, calm and it is said that any practice, be yoga, meditation or work out, done during this time gives results several times greater than when practiced at any other time of the day. Brahma is related to consciousness and knowledge and Muhurta is the time. It is the most auspicious time to engage in any learning practice. You are able to retain much more during this hour with very little effort.

Studies show that during Brahma Muhurta, there is more oxygen available in nature in nascent form. This oxygen, when breathed in deeply and mindfully, mixes with hemoglobin and works wonders for our body and mind. It boosts the immune system, increases prana or life energy, balances pH in the blood, relieves you from pain, soreness or cramps and improves nutritional absorption.

Jal Neti and tongue scraping

One common reason for fatigue is often the accumulation of ama or sticky toxins that accumulate in our body over time due to poor lifestyle habits, wrong eating habits, stress, emotional conflicts, and living life unfavorable for your dosha type. Inculcating a practice of tongue scraping every morning can go a long way in eliminating ama deposits on a day to day basis. Tongue scraping and oil pulling practices help improve the function of the salivary glands, an important step towards bettering your digestion and metabolism. Oil pulling is the practice of taking in specific tongue cleaning oils with anti-microbial properties, swishing it around in the mouth, before spitting it up. This immediately freshens you up, clears your mouth of bad odor and removes the natural toxins that could have led to bad odor and other periodontal problems. It also protects your gums from inflammations and dryness. It is also known to potentially fight strep bacteria.

Jal Neti is another powerful cleansing technique mentioned as part of the shatkarma or six purification procedures. It involves clearing up mucus and blockages in your nasal passage by pouring water through one nostril and letting it out through the other. It has immense benefits like giving you a better respiratory system by keeping your respiratory tract clean, clears your sinuses that save you from inflamed and infected sinuses which can be really irritating and painful. It is a good practice for patients of asthma or bronchitis or any other respiratory disorder. It is also cooling for the brain as it removes excess heat from the system.

Oil Bath

These days, just a shower is not enough. In fact, showering without an oil bath can be very drying for your skin. A full body abhyanga with the right essential oils can be a great way to stimulate your nervous system and gently nudge your body back into activity, relax your muscles, and lubricate your joints. Oiling with Ayurveda prescribed body oils protect the skin from drying and this is particularly recommended for people with Vata imbalance or those who are prone to excessive Vata. Oiling is one of the most important ways to clear toxins from the deep tissues since oil has penetrative qualities, which helps clear out lymphatic channels. From the right oil for your body type and benefits, to how to give yourself the best full body massage, here’s your ultimate guide to abhyanga.


Brahma Muhurta is absolutely the best time to get into meditation because, at this time, the high sattva and spiritual energy supports a deeper meditative experience. The quiet in the environment further facilitates effortless meditation since there are zero distractions on the outside. It helps you to begin your day with a clean slate. Practicing a rhythmic breathing technique like Sudarshan Kriya followed by meditation is the best formula for giving yourself an accelerated start for the day. The clarity and energy gained from these practices can sustain you throughout the day. Here’s the best secret- when your sattva is high and it combines with high prana or energy, any challenge or tasks at work will seem doable and you feel invincible. Great sages of ancient times have said that any work done with sattva is likely to bear tremendous results and it brings luck.

Wake up remembering the greats

And here’s one deep secret that will give you the right attitude to dive into your day with. The spiritual master and global humanitarian leader, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar gives this important tip to start your day. Every morning when you wake up, remember someone great, a saint or a great leader who has made positive contributions to the world or in your life. Ancient wisdom says that our mind is like a sponge. It takes in and assumes the qualities of people we think about the most and that is true irrespective of whether we love them or hate them.


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