Essenstial oils and skincare

What are the benefits:

  • Essential Oils impact one in just a few seconds via the olfactory system or the skin.
  • The molecules go through and impact the brain. This is where you are able to work on the mental, physical and emotional levels. For example they can give relaxation, cheer you up, or help you to let go negative emotions.
  • Essential oils effect the Endocrine System via the olfactory and via application as well. They help to balance your hormonal system.
  • Essential oils have high frequencies and therefore have the ability to help man maintain an optimal health frequency, an environment in which diseases have lesser chance to affect the body.
  • Essential oils are anti bacterial and anti viral and strengthen your immune system as they are the defence mechanism of the plant and therefore the immune system of the planet.
  • In Shankara skincare products, essential oils tonifie, detox and hydrate your skin
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