Do well by doing good

Do well by doing good

by Tanja Kok, writer, presenter & model


I’m beyond excited to be the new face of such a pure and natural brand. I can’t wait to have you all along for the Shankara journey.

During my career as an international model I’ve seen many women all over the world. Despite their different body types, skin color and faces most of them had one thing in common:
they wasted their time and energy by being dissatisfied with their own appearance.

Whilst I still remember the few women who lit up the room radiating their internal beauty. They seemed to embrace natures gift, even if it wasn’t perfect according to society’s standards. Luckily the times are changing and the beauty industry had followed: Everybody counts! Diversity is no longer a trend, it’s the reality.

In New York I made a documentary on how to become successful in this hectic city. I interviewed a.o. a Hollywood star coach, casting directors, a guru, international models and a top models personal trainer. They all told me the same: We search for someone who is authentic and real.

Shankara crossed my path. It’s authentic and real. Health is wealth. That’s what we need in this challenging era. Do well and stay healthy.

I hope you will enjoy as much as I do: Shankara’s ‘body and mind workouts in a bottle’!

Love and light,

Tanja Kok

Shankara’s Ambassador

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